God’s Perspective When Life Hurts Promotional Video

$5.00 (tax incl.)

The promotional video is perfect for introducing God’s Perspective When Life Hurts to women’s ministry leaders, church congregations,…


The God’s Perspective When Life Hurts promotional video includes the following short clips:

Leader’s Preview

• Study Explained with Testimonies (10:57)
• Sample Teaching (10:30)

Church/Bible Study Group Preview

• A Word from Darlene Kordic (1:24)
• Testimonies only (1:32)
• Darlene with Testimonies I (2:08)
• Darlene with Testimonies II (2:23)
•Testimonies/Darlene/Testimonies (3:02)

The identical video clips that are on this promotional DVD can also be accessed on the homepage of this website.

If your group is blessed by doing God’s Perspective When Life Hurts, please pass on the promotional video to a sister church in your area!

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