“This Bible study went above and beyond what I expected! I cannot tell you how much more peace I have in my life because of the truths I learned from it. Even though I may not understand suffering, I am now able to not be tripped up by it in my heart.”  – Anonymous


“This truly was a life-changing study. There was so much information that screamed truth and was at times such a revelation to me. I’m so very thankful, thankful, thankful that the Lord had me take this study.”  – Anonymous


“I learned so much about God’s complete sovereignty in every area of my life from this study. I loved how this theme was weaved through every aspect of it. I truly believe that the truths of this study will stay with all of us and has forever changed us.”  – Anonymous


“This is the best Bible study I have ever done. It has completely changed my life!” – Mary


“I think the strength of this study was the depth of God’s Word—we looked at so much Scripture in a very methodical way. His Word truly helped clarify many questions I had about suffering.”   – Anonymous


“This Bible study met my every expectation. I was very pleased with the material covered and the way it was presented. It was a very deep Bible study and I enjoyed it thoroughly.” – Diane


“I feel like I have formed a solid foundation through taking this study; that the Scriptures have been driven deep to not doubt God in the midst of adversity…but rather to trust that everything that He allows is for our good and for His glory!”  – Anonymous


“This study truly met my expectations. I think in my head I believed God was sovereign but I now know in my heart that He is in control of all things, not just the good but everything!” –Rosey


“Thank you so much for doing this study again! I think the nugget I will take away from this year’s study is the puzzle piece that shows my exclusive role in His epic story. I have never felt like I fit in anywhere, but now I know that God made me exactly right for His purposes for my life. I want to believe that so much!” – Kirstin