About the Teacher

2011 - August - Kordic Family Photo - jpgDarlene Kordic has been a follower of Jesus Christ for 42 years. She is the founding director of Word of God Speak Ministries, and the author of God’s Perspective When Life Hurts. She and her husband, Craig, have been married for 33 years. They are the proud parents of three adult children: Amber, Seth, and Paul (ages 28, 24, and 20).

Darlene and Craig have served the Lord for the past 32 years.  They currently live in Colorado Springs. Throughout their years overseas and in the United States, Darlene has had the privilege to coordinate, write, and teach women’s Bible studies and speak in churches, conferences, and retreats both nationally and internationally.

In 2001, she began graduate school and graduated in 2003 with her Master of Science degree in counseling. For the past several years, she has had a private counseling practice in her home but has most recently spent her time writing, editing, and publishing God’s Perspective When Life Hurts.

In her free time, Darlene enjoys sitting at His feet, studying end time scenarios, hiking, napping, teaching God’s Word, decorating, and organizing. She stays in shape with prayer walking and is a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Darlene’s greatest joy comes from digging up the transformational treasures she finds from God’s Word, asking God’s Spirit to change her by them, and then teaching them to others with the hope that they, too, will be impacted and forever changed.