Partner With Us

Word of God Speak Ministries has two ways for you to partner with us that are vital for our fruitfulness and outreach. One is prayer and the other is giving.

This ministry is keenly aware that without God’s power and presence, we can do nothing of eternal significance (John 15:5). That is why the team is committed to soak each aspect of the ministry in prayer and why we are constantly looking for others who have a similar burden. If you would like to receive regular email updates so that you can pray for this ministry, for God’s Perspective When Life Hurts, and for Darlene’s next Bible study please email her at Thank you for praying…it means the world to us!

The other way to partner with us is through giving. Every gift given to this ministry will go toward the outreach of God’s Perspective When Life Hurts or the video taping and production costs of Darlene’s next Bible study.

Over three years ago, Darlene experienced God’s strong stirring in her heart to begin the research and study for her second Bible study. This study will be on heaven, rewards, the final destiny of man, and how our lives on earth will matter for all eternity! Three years later, she can hardly wait to formulate what she has learned from His Word into a woman’s Bible study.

If the Lord lays it upon your heart to partner with us, please do so through It is our most sincere commitment to be faithful stewards of all that God provides. Thank you for your gift and prayers.