Darlene would be delighted to speak at your conference, ladies’ tea, Bible study class, or women’s retreat. She enjoys speaking on most any topic from God’s Word, but especially enjoys topics such as:

  • Heaven, rewards, and man’s final destiny
  • Intimacy with the Most High
  • God’s sovereignty, wisdom, and love
  • Safety in the shelter of His wings
  • How to overcome fear
  • Living “above” your circumstances
  • The importance of how you use your time
  • An upward and outward focus
  • How to know the will of God
  • Every earthly thing is a shadow of a heavenly reality
  • God’s perspective on suffering
  • Having a God-focused self-esteem
  • Spiritual warfare
  • The power of praise and prayer
  • God’s appointed feasts and how they relate to the first and second advents of Christ
  • How to overcome the idol of people-pleasing

Please contact Darlene at info@wordofgodspeakministries.org or call 719-235-3196.